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《傲骨贤妻》(英文:The Good Wife)是一套美国法律剧情电视连续剧,2009年9月22日在CBS上首播。剧集由罗伯特·金及其妻蜜雪儿·金创作,由朱丽安娜·玛格丽丝扮演此剧的主角,主要演员为乔西·查尔斯及克丽丝汀·巴伦丝基。
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第09期2017-12-14
我希望你别以为我会对你的州政府 I Hope you don't think I'll go easy手下留情 on your administration now.那是玩笑 伊莱 仅此而已 It was a joke, Eli. That's all.我还想感谢助理检察官波尔马 I'd a
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第08期2017-12-14
你要怎么进入 How are you entering it?我输入9位路由号 I type in my nine-digit routing number他们邮件给我密码 and they e-mail me the decryption key.好吧 Okay.-我们要等多久 -不知道
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第07期2017-12-13
我还没问完问题呢 I haven't finished the question yet.继续问 Go ahead.同样的行为 白人男性就获得奖励 A white male is rewarded for the same behavior而女性就被解雇 that leads to a wom
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第06期2017-12-13
我同意戴安的办法 I agree with Diane.芬恩 你好 Finn, hi.你听起来很焦虑 Wow, you sound anxious.是的 Yeah.公司政治 Firm politics. 我认真考虑过了 So I considered it carefully 我很乐意
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第05期2017-12-12
用备份文件呢 What about the backup files?我们可以从备份里恢复 Oh, yeah. We can restore from backup.-你好 凯琳达 -凯琳达 是我 - Hi. This is Kalinda. - Kalinda, it's me.我不小心下载
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第04期2017-12-12
否则加密密码会被销毁 or the decryption key will be destroyed and your files-文档会永久丢失 -勒索软件 - permanently lost. - Ah...Ransomware.是艾丽西娅发来的邮件 我只点了一下 It was an e
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第03期2017-12-11
不 我判反对无效 No, I know I will overrule.瓦格斯 几个助理呢 Ms. Vargas, how many aides?不知道 5个吧 I don't know. Five.最近两个月 5个助理 Five assistants in the last two mon
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第02期2017-12-11
埃尔斯贝特·塔肖尼 Elsbeth Tascioni.她厉害吗 Is she good?厉害 Yep.我喜欢J服务公司的人才库 Well, I like the talent pool at J-Serve.我也确信在科技行业 I also believe that there aren'
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第05集 第01期2017-12-10
您现在听到的是 You've been listening to Carl Orff's卡尔·奥尔夫的木琴曲 Fier Stucke fur Xylophon.木琴和排箫是治愈型乐器 Xylophones and pan flutes are healing instruments用于演奏缓
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第28期2017-12-10
那几千元的医院账单应该找谁负责 who's responsible for several thousand dollars in hospital bills.轮到你了 迈拉 Your move, Myra.我认为你最好接受我们的道歉 夫人 I think it would be best
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第27期2017-12-09
拉蒙娜·利顿 Ramona Lytton.我在努力说服她别当一名说客 I'm trying to convince her not to become a lobbyist.伊莱·戈德 Eli. Gold.拉蒙娜·利顿 所以你是劳伦的... Ramona Lytton. So you're
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第26期2017-12-09
詹尼弗 Jennifer.怎么了 What's going on?我只是在剪辑格蕾丝的录像 I'm just editing Grace's video.你看 But look.我收到你名字的谷歌快讯 这个跳出来了 I have a Google alert on your name, a
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第25期2017-12-08
你应该跟艾丽西娅谈谈 You should talk to Alicia.为什么 Why?凯琳达 Kalinda?艾丽西娅在考虑竞选州检察官 Alicia's considering running for state's attorney.我不确定是不是因为这事 但... I'm not
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第24期2017-12-08
我承认 喝了一杯红酒 I have admitted to having one glass of wine,血液酒精浓度肯定在法定标准以下 which would make my BAC well below the legal limit.这是凝视水平震颤测试 This is called
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第23期2017-12-07
因为 because...你正试图把我的合伙人送进监狱 You're trying to put my partner in prison?是啊 我这人要葬送友谊还是挺有办法的 Yeah. Kind of has a way of putting a crimp in a friendship
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第22期2017-12-07
扎克来电我来了 Yes.伊莱 你对我有什么意见吗 Eli, do you have some issue with me?没有 No.我想让你知道 Well, just so you know,我不想破坏艾丽西娅的竞选 I'm not trying to undercut Alicia'
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第21期2017-12-06
等等 你在开玩笑吧 Wait, are you kidding?太赞了 This is fantastic.我就打了下屁股 没有揍他 It was a spanking. I didn't hit him. 他的父母正考虑起诉你 Well, his parents are thinking
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第20期2017-12-06
你们读过《金翅雀》吗 Have you read The Goldfinch?那本书写得真好 It's such beautiful writing.内容都是关于艺术和生活 It's all about art and life.你们或许在想 So, you're probably wond
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第19期2017-12-05
-这不是地雷区 -真的吗 - Well, this is not a land mine. - Really?彼得·福瑞克在你 Peter Florrick sleeps with you还在州检察官办公室工作时跟你上了床 while you're working at the state's
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第18期2017-12-05
我不明白 I don't understand.如果我们遵从州检察官的传票 If we comply with the S.A. Subpoena,我们认为他们在凯里一案中 we think they intend to use that compliance会把我们的做法列为先例 as a
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第17期2017-12-04
都应该用我的名称呼我 should really call me by my first name.艾丽西娅 我曾经18次陪竞选人 Alicia. I've sat through 18 of these经历这种"家丑大揭底" "Come to Jesus" moments with cand
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第16期2017-12-04
-写什么 -跟扎克 欧文 妈还有芬恩·波尔马谈 - What's that? - Talk to Zach, Owen, Mom and Finn Polmar.看他们中是否有人计划搞垮我 See if any of them plan to screw me over.-还有莱蒙德·毕夏普
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第15期2017-12-03
但我肯定你能从前台那里问到 But I'm sure you can from the clerk there. -记得她的名字吗 -五年前的事了 - Do you remember her name? - It was five years ago.但我可以在记录里找 But I can l
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第14期2017-12-03
跟扎克和欧文谈谈 Talk to Zach and Owen.到我妈了 Now, Mom.我妈怎么了 What about Mom?她在百货公司打了个小孩子 She hit a child in a department store.什么 What?一个5岁的孩子 A five-year-
傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第13期2017-12-02
彼得吗 Peter?-问你怎么知道扎克的事 -对 - Asking how you knew about Zach? - Yeah.你确定要继续吗 福瑞克夫人 You, uh, sure you want to continue, Mrs. Florrick?我们可以就此打住 We can
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