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背诵为王第二册 Unit68:Who's the Offender?

Lesson68 Who's the Offender? Three young men were playing with a gun in a street in a quiet area of the town after 1 when one of them fired it by mistake without aiming it at anything. The bullet broke a window in an old lady's house. The young men made off 2 when they saw the damage they had done, but the old lady looked out of a window when she heard the explosion and she recognized one of them as the son of a man and woman who lived not far from her. The old lady complained to the police, and a detective went to the young man's house and found the gun, so he took the young man and his friends to the 3 There his chief officer questioned the young men to find out which of them owned the gun, but none of them was willing to admit because they did not have a license for owning a gun. At last the chief officer decided to put an end to the conversation. He turned to the detective and demanded to know whether he had got an officer's 4 to take the gun away from the young man who owned it. “No, sir,” he answered nervously, “I didn't get it.” “In that case,” the officer declared angrily, “you were quite wrong to take it away from him. You'd better return it immediately or there'll be trouble!”This made the young men smile happily at each other, and as soon as the detective held the gun out and said “Here you are,” one of them put his hand out 5 get it back.That is how the officer finally discovered whom the gun belonged to. ■填空答案■ 答案: 1. dark 2. at once 3. police station 4. permission 5. in order to 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20100402/16834.html