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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 3 An accident [00:04.28]1.Listen,read and practice in pairs. [00:10.63]Have you ever seen a car accident? How would tell a policeman about it? [00:16.80]Let's see what Li Meng and Xiaohong are doing. [00:21.55]Xialhong:Look! Li Meng.That grey car has just hit a black one. [00:27.01]Oh,no,look at all the broken glass on the road.Are the drivers still OK? [00:33.96]Li Meng:I don't think so.Nobody's moving.Let's call the traffic police. [00:40.49]It's lucky that I bought a mobile phone last week. [00:44.96]Xiaohong:Be quick,Li Meng. [00:48.01]LiMeng:Hello?Is that the police station? [00:51.96]...I'm sorry to have called the wrong number. [00:56.11]You see we just saw a car accident and need to report to the police. [01:02.17]Would you check the number for us?....Thanks. [01:06.74]Xiaohong:I hope you've got the number all right. [01:10.79]LiMeng:Yes,I think so.It's 000.We should remember that. [01:17.27]Hello?Is that the police station? [01:21.11]This is LiMeng calling from Cherry Road,Port Noarlunga. [01:26.36]We just saw a car accident.... [01:30.12]Xiaohong:What did the policeman say? [01:33.28]LiMeng:He said they're sending a police car here right now. [01:38.01]Xiaohong:I think we should call for an ambulance. [01:42.27]The drivers are still inside the cars.They must be badly hurt. [01:48.04]LiMeng:The policeman said he would also send an ambulance here. [01:52.48]Xiaohong:OK now, [01:55.54]let's go and see if we can do something to help the people in these cars. [02:00.82]6.Listen,read and act. [02:05.86]The drivers have been taken to nospital. [02:09.83]The policeman is now asking LiMeng and Xiaohong some questions. [02:15.29]Policeman:Thank you for letting us know about the accident. [02:19.23]Now,can you tell us what you saw please? [02:23.60]LiMeng:Sure.We were going along this road [02:27.96]when we saw those two cars hitting each other. [02:32.50]It was very loud. [02:35.77]Xiaohong:And nobody else was passing by, [02:39.71]so we though we should try to let the police know about it quickly. [02:45.17]Policeman:You did the right thing,kids.And what happened after that? [02:49.85]Xiaohong:Soon you arrived and the drivers were taken to hospital. [02:54.99]Policeman:I see.Thank you very much,kids. [02:59.15]We'll contact you if we need further help from you. [03:03.30]LiMeng:Yes,of course.We'd be glad to help. [03:07.56]7.Listen and read. [03:12.10]Emergency services [03:15.55]People say that our life would be very peaceful if we had no floods, [03:21.51]earthquakes,thunder storms and other natural disasters,or man-made emergencies. [03:28.67]However,these things do exist. [03:32.82]That's the reason why emergency services are extremely important. [03:38.46]Everywhere around the world,emergency services help save millions of people. [03:45.83]They act quickly and appear at accident scenes in no time. [03:51.78]Sometimes the rescue workers risk their lives,bringing people to safety. [03:58.05]They help the fractured patient with a bandage;stop the injured from bleeding; [04:04.51]treat swelling with an ice-pack [04:08.37]and give the patients the right capsules or tablets. [04:13.52]The emergency services in the west are a bit different from ours. [04:19.40]They get many volunteers to work no the rescue teams. [04:24.96]Some of the emergency service units are made up entirely of volunteers. [04:31.12]Those volunteers are well trained. [04:35.70]They receive training in first aid and general rescue techniques. [04:42.04]They stand ready to assist at a moment's notice, [04:47.01]often in difficult and dangerous situations. [04:52.26]They are willing to give up their time to help the community. [04:57.12]They pride themselves on being able to rescue people from dangerous places. [05:03.49]Wherever the accidents and threats are, [05:07.44]the rescue team will soon be there and if you are looking for help, [05:13.10]the rescue workers can be easily identified [05:17.83]by their brightly coloured yellow or orange overalls. [05:23.40]11.Listen,read and act. [05:28.72]The family is now at the dinner table talking about the ambulance workers. [05:34.58]LiMeng:You know,they were so quick. [05:36.61]The men in the cars were carried carefully into the ambulance [05:41.29]and then they left in no time. [05:44.95]Mr.Davis:Yeah.A minute might mean life or death. [05:49.39]Xiaohong:I think I'll be an ambulance worker when I grow up. [05:54.14]LiMeng:That;s usually a man's job. [05:58.09]Xiaohong:So what?A girl can do everything a man does. [06:02.81]Mrs.Davis:Well,you can work as a nurse,or even a doctor,dear. [06:07.88]You also help many people in those jobs. [06:12.24]Xiaohong:Yeah.I never thought about it.Doctors are always treated with respect. [06:18.59]LiMeng:Sure.But do you know if you want to become a doctor, [06:23.45]you have to do well in Maths? [06:27.24]Daniel:I don't think Maths is a problem to her. [06:31.50]Unit 4 How often do you exercise? [06:36.96]1.Listen and read in pairs. [06:42.42]Have you heard of something called a "workout"? [06:46.36]What do you do when you work out?Read this dialogue and find out. [06:52.92]LiMeng:Where have you been,Xiaohong?You look so hot. [06:57.59]Xiaohong:I've just had a work-out with some friends.It was really exciting. [07:04.12]LiMeng:A work-out?What's that? [07:08.38]Xiaohong:Exercises. [07:11.31]We had a fitness instructor in the front showing us what to do [07:16.87]and we just followed her. [07:20.11]LiMeng:Oh,that?I don't need a fitness instructor to tell me what to do. [07:26.28]I know how to exercise. [07:29.83]Xiaohong:But this was different. [07:32.99]You see,we followed steps called"routines"and the music was also no. [07:39.55]I wish I had the shape of our instructor. [07:43.80]LiMeng:Girls!They just care about how they look. [07:48.66]Xiaohong:It that so? [07:51.82]Then why did you talk about your build with Daniel the other day? [07:57.28]LiMeng:Well,we were talking about building our muscles for the soccer matches. [08:03.16]Xiaohong:Anyway,I think I'll shape up quickly with all the work-outs I'm going to do. [08:09.51]I'll be nice and fit. [08:13.14]LiMeng:I hope you've found something that fits you.Good luck. [08:17.97]Xiaohong:Thanks.Just wait and see. [08:21.60]6.Listen,read and act. [08:26.93]How will you feet the day after you've exercised? [08:31.66]If you've been exercising all the time,you should be feeling great. [08:37.62]But if it was the first time,then what would happen? [08:42.89]LiMeng:Xiaohong,where are you?It's time for breakfast. [08:47.93]Xiaohong:I don't know.I feel sore all over.I don't want to move. [08:54.00]LiMeng:I knew you'd be like this.What did you do exactly yesterday? [08:59.64]Xiaohong:Our instructor first asked us to test our fitness. [09:05.10]We stepped up and down the stairs for 3 minutes and then checked our heart rate. [09:11.44]LiMeng:The lower the beart rate,the stronger you are. [09:16.02]Xiaohong:Right.Then we did some stetches and some other routines. [09:21.35]LiMeng:You've never stretched those muscles much before,have you? [09:26.49]That's why you feel so sore now. [09:30.33]Xiaohong:I guess so.Now I understand the word"routines".You can't do it once only. [09:37.70]7.Listen an read. [09:42.14]How often do you exercise? [09:46.08]How often do you exercise?Many of you may answer."I don't exercise at all." [09:53.21]In fact,physical fitness helps you look strong and be healthy. [09:59.48]Regular exercise helps you avoid or recover more quickly from colds and other minor illnesses. [10:07.53]Engaging in regular exercise gives you more energy [10:12.57]for all of your favourite activities and a longer,healthier life. [10:18.95]People who exercise regularly say they do it because,"it makes me feel good." [10:25.71]This feeling comes from simple,daily exercise. [10:30.75]A quick walk,a short jog,or even just several stretches during your day [10:37.81]can help relieve stress and improve your world. [10:42.66]Doing regular exercise is fun. [10:47.84]You can choose an activity you like or want to do [10:52.49]but you need to remember to start any exercises slowly and peogress gradually. [11:00.14]Don't do lots of wcercises one day and then nothing the next day. [11:05.70]Find a partner,plan your exercise and then exercise regularly. [11:12.68]You need to keep track of your achievements. [11:17.12]Reward yourself if you finish your tadks and reach a goal. [11:22.58]Buy yourself a new T-shirt or a tennis racket [11:27.44]or even invite yur friends over to your house or go to the movies together. [11:33.60]Regular exercise keeps your body in good shape [11:38.78]and provides you with the energy you need to achieve greater goals. [11:44.65]9.Listen,read and act. [11:50.30]Have you ever joined a fitness program and followed an instructor?Listen to this. [11:57.37]Instructor:Now,everyone,let's do a ballet stretch. [12:02.23]To start with,please stand like this. [12:06.60]Xiaohong:Is this right,Miss Kyle? [12:09.94]Instructor:That's perfect,Xiaohong. [12:13.41]Now,keep your body facing forward, [12:17.67]swing your left arm over your head and out to the right. [12:23.13]You should feel the stretch right down your left side. [12:28.09]Xiaohong:Oh,yeah. [12:31.05]Mary:Don't bend your knees,Xiaohong. [12:34.89]Instructor:Right.Keep your knees straight. [12:38.94]OK,everyone,return to the starting position and stretch over to the left. [12:45.31]You're doing just fine,Xiaohong. [12:48.84]Xiaohong:Am I done? [12:51.47]Instructor:Not yet.Repeat it 5 times on each side. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171125/514151.html