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创业与企业发展 第101期:创新的价值

And certainly, you can go back to, you need to create X dollars in value, you capture Y percent of X. 之前我们讲过,你创造出X美元的价值,并要抓住这X刀的百分之Y I would suggest that the history of science has generally been one where Y is 0% across the board. 通常在科学的历史上Y的值为0 The scientists never make any money. 科学家从未挣到钱 They're always deluded into thinking that they live in a just universe that will reward them for their work and for their inventions. 他们总是幻想着自己生活在一个可以从自己的工作和创新得到回报的世界里 And this is probably the fundamental delusion that scientists tend to suffer from in our society. 但事实上这是一个彻彻底底的幻觉 And even in technology, there are, sort of, many different areas of technology, 在技术领域,各种不同的技术领域 where there were great innovations that created tremendous value for society. 同样由于伟大的创新产生了巨大的价值 But the people did not actually capture that much of the value. 但创新者却没有从中获利 And so I think there is a sort of whole history of. 因此我想 Science and technology that can be told from the perspective of how much value was actually captured. 如果在科学和技术领域想要获利,必须要抓住Y这一部分 And certainly, there are entire sectors where people didn't capture anything. 但很明显有些人一点也没有抓住 So you're the smartest Physicist of the 20th century, 假设你是20世纪最伟大的物理学家 you come up with special relativity, you come up with general relativity. 你发现了狭义相对论和广义相对论 You don't get to be a billionaire, you don't even get to be a millionaire. 但你却没有成为亿万富翁,甚至连百万富翁都不是 It somehow doesn't work that way. The railroads, incredibly valuable. 你并没有从中获利,铁路的价值非常之大 Most of them just went bankrupt, because there was too much competition. 但绝大多数公司都破产了,因为竞争太激烈 Wright brothers, you fly the first plane, you don't make any money. 怀特兄弟发明了飞机,但也没挣到钱 And so I think there is sort of a structure to these industries, that's very important. 因此,在这些产业中,结构的问题是非常重要的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180108/526565.html