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乔布斯传 第366期:在幕后彷徨(02)

And yet when the cup of power neared his lips, he became strangely hesitant, reluctant, perhaps coy. 然而,当回归的时机真的到来时,他却有一种奇怪的游移不定的感觉。 He returned to Apple officially in January 1997 as a part-time advisor, as he had told Amelio he would. 1997年1月,他作为一位非正式的兼职顾问入职苹果,如他之前告诉阿梅里奥的那样。 He began to assert himself in some personnel areas, especially in protecting his people who had made the transition from NeXT. 他开始介入一些人事问题,尤其是会保护他从NeXT带过来的员工。 But in most other ways he was unusually passive. 但是在其他大多数方面,他都异乎寻常的被动。 The decision not to ask him to join the board offended him, 他对不让他加入董事会的决定感觉不快, and he felt demeaned by the suggestion that he run the company's operating system division. 而让他管理公司的操作系统部门的建议也让他觉得是贬低了他的价值。 Amelio was thus able to create a situation in which Jobs was both inside the tent and outside the tent, 阿梅里奥得以创造了这样一种局面,乔布斯既是局内人又是局外人, which was not a prescription for tranquillity. 这可不是和睦之道。 Jobs later recalled: Gil didn't want me around. And I thought he was a bozo. 乔布斯后来回忆:吉尔不希望我在。而我认为他是个笨蛋。 I knew that before I sold him the company. 我在把公司卖给他之前就知道。 I thought I was just going to be trotted out now and then for events like Macworld, mainly for show. 我想,我现在就是做做形象大使,在类似Macworld这样的活动上出席一下,主要为了作秀。 That was fine, because I was working at Pixar. 这没问题,因为我还在皮克斯工作。 I rented an office in downtown Palo Alto where I could work a few days a week, and I drove up to Pixar for one or two days. 我在帕洛奥图市中心祖了一间办公室,可以每周在那儿工作几天,再开车去皮克斯待个一两天。 It was a nice life. I could slow down, spend time with my family. 这日子不错。我可以慢下脚步,多陪陪家人。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/527950.html