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Some regions in China, especially northern provinces, are facing an acute shortage of natural gas as the demand for heating is rising in winter, since the government is making efforts to ban the burning of coal to curb air pollution. 由于政府正努力禁止燃烧煤炭以遏制空气污染,随着冬季供暖需求的增加,我国部分地区,尤其是北部省份正面临天然气紧缺问题。 The shortfall in natural gas has sparked resentment after some households in these regions have not been supplied with natural gas for winter heating either due to a gas supply shortage or lagging gas pipeline construction. 在这些地区的一些家庭因天然气供应短缺或天然气管道建设滞后,而未被供应冬季取暖的天然气后,天然气短缺引起了不满。 While it is the right time for authorities to replace coal with natural gas for cleaner air, local governments need to proceed cautiously to avoid disrupting people's lives in cold weather, experts warned. 专家日前警告称,现在虽然是有关部门进行煤改气以使空气更洁净的合适时机,但地方政府需谨慎推进,避免在寒冷天气影响人们的生活。 The Hebei Development and Reform Commission has raised an orange alert for a shortage of natural gas since Nov 28, which means the province is short by 10-20%, news portal Caixin reported. 新闻门户网站财新网报道称,河北省发改委11月28日起已启动天然气供应橙色预警,这意味着该省供需缺口达10%至20%。 Local media also reported a similar shortage in other regions, such as Shaanxi and Shandong provinces and Ningxia Hui autonomous region. 据地方媒体报道,陕西省、山东省和宁夏回族自治区等其他地区也出现了天然气短缺。 China Energy News reported that the average price of natural gas in China has risen to about 7,600 yuan per ton from 4,000 yuan two weeks ago. 据《中国能源报》报道,全国天然气平均价格已从两周前的每吨4000元涨至约每吨7600元。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/527963.html