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商务礼节美语 第135期:外出吃饭的礼节

The Details of Dining Out 外出吃饭的礼节 陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他在上班路上遇到了美国同事Amy。 (Office ambience) A: How was dinner last night? Didn't you go out with upper management to entertain some new clients? C: 没错,我跟老板一起请新客户到街对面新开的餐馆去吃饭,饭菜很棒,但是安排上出了一些小问题。 A: What happened? C: 老板Mr. Brown让我去安排。我通知了所有人,但是没跟餐馆预约,结果等了很久。 A: I'm sure that didn't go over well. C: 能看出来,Mr. Brown很不高兴。 A: Anytime you invite people to a business meal, whether the group is large or small, call the restaurant and make reservations. C: 其实我打电话了,但是他们因为新开张,还没有订座的服务。 A: Did they know how many people you were bringing? C: 我说了,一共有12个人。 A: You should have asked Mr. Brown if he wanted to choose another restaurant. C: 我就是没想到要换餐馆。等大家到齐了,所有人都已经饥肠辘辘了。 A: When that happens, you end up with a group of cranky people. That's not good for business. C: 是啊,下次你得好好给我讲讲请客吃饭时需要注意些什么。 当天下班后,陈豪和Amy有见面了。 A: What did you do while you waited for your table last night? C: 开始的时候,服务员让我们在门口的大厅里等。 A: Did you ask if you could wait in the bar and order everyone a drink and some hors d'oeuvres? C: Mr. Brown很懂行,他提议先到酒吧去,还问服务员能不能给我们每人一杯免费的酒水。 A: That was the thing to do since the restaurant made a mistake in not taking a reservation for the large group. Even with reservations, if your group has to wait long time, you should politely ask for some sort of compensation. C: 最后我们可以上桌的时候,酒还没喝完,大多数人都自己把酒拿到了桌上。 A: You should have requested the bartender or his staff to carry the drinks, considering the kind of restaurant it was. At a casual place, you are expected to take your own. C: 除了免费的酒水以外,不少人还点了第二杯第三杯,大家走后,我只好留在吧台结帐。 A: Next time ask the bartender to add the bar bill to your dinner tab. C: Amy, 你能不能最后总结一下,请客户吃饭有哪些注意事项呢? A: Whenever you entertain people over meals, insist on reservations. If your table is not ready, offer your guests a drink at the bar. Ask the bar staff to carry your unfinished drinks to the table and to add the bar bill to your final tab. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/527996.html