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TED十佳演讲之入门 肢体语言塑造你自己(08)

So this is what happens. They come in, they spit into a vial, for two minutes, we say, "You need to do this or this." 这就是实际的情况。他们走了进来,他们把唾液吐到一个小瓶子里,维持一个姿势达两分钟,我们说:“你需要这么做,或者这么做。” They don't look at pictures of the poses. We don't want to prime them with a concept of power. 他们不会看到姿势的照片。因为我们不想给他们一个有关力量的观点。 We want them to be feeling power. So two minutes they do this. 我们希望他们自己感觉到力量。所以他们做了整整两分钟。 We then ask them, "How powerful do you feel?" on a series of items, 然后我们问他们一系列问题:“现在你觉得自己有多强大?” and then we give them an opportunity to gamble, and then we take another saliva sample. 接着我们会给他们一个下赌注的机会,接着再取得另外一个唾液样本。 That's it. That's the whole experiment. 就是这样。这就是整个实验。 So this is what we find. Risk tolerance, which is the gambling, 这是我们发现的东西。风险承担能力,也就是在赌博时, we find that when you are in the high-power pose condition, 86 percent of you will gamble. 我们发现当你摆出一个强有力的姿势时,86%的人会选择赌博。 When you're in the low-power pose condition, only 60 percent, and that's a whopping significant difference. 而当你处于一个较无力的姿势时,只有60%的人会选择赌博,这真是很令人惊讶的差异。 Here's what we find on testosterone. 以下是关于睾酮我们所发现的。 From their baseline when they come in, high-power people experience about a 20-percent increase, 从这些人进来的那一刻起,有力量的那些人会有20%的提高, and low-power people experience about a 10-percent decrease. 而无力的人则下降10%。 So again, two minutes, and you get these changes. Here's what you get on cortisol. 再看一下,两分钟,你会有这些变化。下面是关于皮质醇的。 High-power people experience about a 25-percent decrease, and the low-power people experience about a 15-percent increase. 有力量的那些人的皮质醇下降25%,而无力的人则上升15%。 So two minutes lead to these hormonal changes that configure your brain to basically be either assertive, 两分钟就可以让这些荷尔蒙改变,使你的脑袋变得果断, confident and comfortable, or really stress-reactive, and feeling sort of shut down. 自信以及舒适,或高度紧张、感到与世隔绝。 And we've all had the feeling, right? 我们都曾有过这些感觉,对吗? So it seems that our nonverbals do govern how we think and feel about ourselves, 看来非语言确实掌控我们对自己的想法和感受, so it's not just others, but it's also ourselves. Also, our bodies change our minds. 不只是对别人如此,并且也是对我们自己。此外,我们的身体可以改变我们的心理。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528001.html