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TED十佳演讲之入门 肢体语言塑造你自己(09)

But the next question, of course, is, can power posing for a few minutes really change your life in meaningful ways? 但下一个问题,当然,就是维持数分钟的姿势是否真能引导一个更有意义的人生呢? This is in the lab, it's this little task, it's just a couple of minutes. 刚刚都只是在实验室里,一个小实验,你知道的,只有几分钟。 Where can you actually apply this? Which we cared about, of course. 你要怎么实现这一切,落实在我们关心的地方呢? And so we think where you want to use this is evaluative situations, like social threat situations. 我们关心的其实是在哪里可以用这些技巧去评估时势,比如社交威胁的情形。 Where are you being evaluated, either by your friends? For teenagers, it's at the lunchroom table. 比如说你被人评估时,也许是你朋友评估你?就像是青少年在午餐桌上那样。 For some people it's speaking at a school board meeting. 对有些人来说,可以应用在学校董事会演讲时。 It might be giving a pitch or giving a talk like this or doing a job interview. 有时候是一个小演讲,有时是像这种演讲或是工作面试时。 We decided that the one that most people could relate to because most people had been through, was the job interview. 我们认为大多数人都与之相关,因为大部分人都曾经历过求职面试。 So we published these findings, and the media are all over it, 因此我们发表了这些发现,接着媒体就大量曝光, and they say, Okay, so this is what you do when you go in for the job interview, right? 他们说,好吧,所以你去求职面试时,你得这样做,对吧? You know, so we were of course horrified, and said, Oh my God, no, that's not what we meant at all. 我们当然大吃一惊,表示,我的天啊,不不不,我们不是这个意思。 For numerous reasons, no, don't do that. 不管什么原因,不不,千万别这么做。 Again, this is not about you talking to other people. It's you talking to yourself. 这和你跟别人交谈无关,这是你在和你自己交谈。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528002.html