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释义 pointed end; external centre; most advanced; sophisticated; cusp 释义相关词条: cusp fang jut point tip top end 双语例句 1. What we are planning is cutting-edge technology never seen in Australia before. 我们正在开发的是一种在澳大利亚从未有过的尖端技术。 2. The orange tip shows up well against most backgrounds. 橙色的尖端在大多数背景下都很醒目。 3. Nails are thin horny growths at the ends of the fingers. 指甲是生长在手指头尖端的细薄角质物. 4. This building is abreast with the tip of the island. 这幢建筑物与该岛的尖端齐头. 5. The airplane has a sophisticated electronic guidance system. 这架飞机有一套尖端的电子导航系统. 6. The tip can be ground to a much sharper edge to cut smoother and faster. 可以把尖端磨得更锋利些,这样切割起来更顺更快。 7. This building is abreast of the tip of the island. 这幢建筑物与该岛的尖端齐头。 8. The minority of us are confronted with difficulty in the frontier of the major. 我们少数人在该专业尖端领域面临困难。 9. A safety pin has a metal covering over the pointed end. 安全别针在尖端有一个金属套. 10. Only the tip of an iceberg pokes up above water. 只有冰山的尖端突出于水面. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528044.html