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美语情景对话 第213期:爱尔兰血统 Irish Roots

Jessica: Kate, where are you from? 杰西卡:凯特,你来自哪里? Kate: I'm from London in England. 凯特:我来自英国伦敦。 Jessica: OK, and your heritage is..? 杰西卡:好,那你的祖籍是? Kate: My heritage is Irish. My grandparents were Irish, both sets of grandparents. 凯特:我的祖籍是爱尔兰。我祖父母都是爱尔兰人,外祖父母也是爱尔兰人。 Jessica: Oh, wow. What part of Ireland were they from? 杰西卡:哦,哇。他们来自爱尔兰的哪里? Kate: They're from Galway City. 凯特:他们来自戈尔韦市。 Jessica: Where is that? 杰西卡:那是哪里? Kate: That's on the west coast of Ireland. It's really beautiful there. Absolutely gorgeous. 凯特:在爱尔兰的西海岸。那里非常美。极其的漂亮。 Jessica: Great, and do they move to England? 杰西卡:很棒,他们后来搬到英国了吗? Kate: Yeah, my grandfather actually came over to become a priest, but obviously he didn't. So yeah, then, he met my grandmother who also come over from England and then they got married. So, yeah, my name is an Irish name. Kate's an Irish name and Kenny as well, my surname. It's a very Irish name. 凯特:对,实际上我祖父来到英国想成为牧师,但是当然他并没有当牧师。之后他遇到了同样来到英国的我祖母,然后他们结婚了。所以,其实我的名字是爱尔兰名字。凯特是爱尔兰名字,当然我的姓氏肯尼也是爱尔兰姓氏。是一个很普遍的爱尔兰名字。 Jessica: Wow, so now what was it like having Irish grandparents in England? 杰西卡:哇,那来自爱尔兰的祖父母在英国感觉怎么样? Kate: I think initially for them it was difficult when they first came over because there weren't many jobs for the Irish and there as quite a lot of prejudice against the Irish, but it's wonderful having Irish heritage because there's such funny warm kind people. Really interesting. They can tell a good story so it was great to have that. 凯特:我想刚开始的时候,他们刚过来的时候觉得很困难,因为当时没有什么工作提供给爱尔兰人,而且对爱尔兰人也有许多偏见,但是拥有爱尔兰血统很棒,因为他们都是风趣又热情的人。他们真的很风趣。他们可以讲很棒的故事,所以拥有爱尔兰血统很棒。 Jessica: Yeah, so have you been to Ireland? 杰西卡:嗯,那你去过爱尔兰吗? Kate: Oh, yeah. Many times. Yeah. 凯特:哦,是的。去过很多次。 Jessica: Did you go and see where they grew up and... 杰西卡:那你有去看过他们成长的地方或是…… Kate: Yeah. 凯特:是的。 Jessica: Cool. 杰西卡:不错。 Kate: It's a beautiful place. I've been there lots of times. I want to go back. Definitely. Really lovely country and the people are so friendly. It's so beautiful there. 凯特:那是个非常漂亮的地方。我去过那里很多次。我想回去。一定要回去。那真是一个可爱的国家,那里的人们都非常友好。那里真的非常美丽。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/528108.html