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BBC地平线 迪皮与鲸(Dippy and the Whale) 第03期

我們在這里待的時間差不多 so we've had a similar amount of time together here. 許多人并不知道 What many people don't realise 迪皮不是真正的化石 is that Dippy is not a real fossil. 而是石膏復制品 He's a plaster replica. 不過 這絲毫不影響 However, this hasn't stopped him 觀眾對他的喜愛之情 從來沒有 amazing visitors ever since he arrived. 看看我們能不能算出它有多長 Let's see if we can find out how long it is. 看它的頭 Look up at its head there. 約翰 你想走走嗎 John, would you like to take a walk? 走到尾巴末端 再向我們招手 When you come to the end of his tail, you wave to us. 公眾并不是很接受移走迪皮的計劃 The plan to move Dippy hasn't gone down well with the public. 每次進來 總想著 It's just, it's always the first thing 最先看到的會是它 you expect to see when you walk in. 我們寧愿讓恐龍待在原地 I mean, we'd rather the dinosaur stay there. 不過博物館希望新的主展品 But the museum is hoping that its new major exhibit 最終也會如迪皮一樣受人喜愛 will eventually be as much-loved as Dippy. 理查德·薩賓任博物館 Richard Sabin has been the curator 海洋哺乳動物藏品館長一職24年了 of the museum's marine mammal collection for the past 24 years 他也是全球鯨魚專家之一 and is one of the world's experts on whales. 正是他促成了用鯨魚替換迪皮的想法 It was he who championed the idea to have a whale replace Dippy. 辛茨廳一直很多元化 Hintze Hall has always been a dynamic space. 理查德·薩賓 自然歷史博物館哺乳動物館館長 在自然歷史博物館的成長歷程中 Over the life of the Natural History Museum, 從1881年起 中央展品就不斷變換 from 1881, the central displays have changed. 我1976年第一次參觀博物館時 When I first visited the museum in 1976, 迪皮還不在那兒 before Dippy was in place, 那里放置的是其他物種 比如大象 there were other specimens in there, elephants... 辛茨廳還展出過抹香鯨骨架 There'd been a sperm whale skeleton in Hintze Hall in the past. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/Dippy-and-the-Whale-3.html