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BBC地平线 迪皮与鲸(Dippy and the Whale) 第05期

讓它比現在更有活力 than it has currently, 因為它現在的樣子有點 cos at the moment, it's kind of, you know, -打上了收藏者的烙印 -是的 - stamp collector's pose. - Yeah, yeah. 太水平了 維多利亞風格太明顯 Very horizontal. Very Victorian, actually. 我們需要盡可能多地給它加入動作 We need to build in as much kind of movement, -隱含的動作 -好的 - implied movement as possible. - Yeah. 我在設想這個標本 I'm just imagining that specimen kind of 在空間里游動的效果 swimming through the space 想象當觀眾從入口進來的時候 and imagining it diving down 它會朝著觀眾游過去 towards the visitors as they come in through the entrance. -那會很有效果 -沒錯 - That will look really dramatic, too. -Exactly. 張著大嘴 Mouth wide open, you know? 人們進來看到這番壯觀景象就會驚嘆不已 People walking in have this great spectacle, oohs and ahs. 把鯨魚的骨骼懸掛起來 Suspending the bones of the whale 是一項絕無僅有的挑戰 will be a truly unique challenge. 我認為這將是工程史上的一大壯舉 It's going to be a feat, I think, of engineering. 在既定的框架下允許我們 To be given a frame that's going to allow us to do the things 做我們自己想做的事 that we want to do. 當然 如果標本被賦予的動態 And certainly, if we put the degree of dynamism into the specimen 能達到我們設想的程度 that I'm hoping we can, 那就需要考慮很多事情 it's going to include things like, you know, 比如在豎直方向上要有許多彎曲 a lot of curvature in the vertical column, -尾巴要稍微向上彎曲 腳蹼向外 -嗯 - the tail sort of flexing up, the flippers out. - OK. 這些基本上都是現在所沒有的 All the things that we don't have currently, basically. 這會讓人覺得不可思議 非常不可思議 But it's going to be incredible, I think, absolutely incredible. -啟發新一代的海洋生物學家 -是的 - Inspire a new generation of marine biologists. - Yeah. 這就是我們想要的 That's we want. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/Dippy-and-the-Whale-5.html