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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第09集 第15期

她听不懂 She doesn't understand. 我上次来这里的时候见过威尔 Will and I met the last time I was here. 这样啊 Oh. -真的吗 -对啊 - Really? - Yes. 她还是坚持游完了全程 She still swam the entire race. 妈妈 Hi, Mom. 艾丽西娅 Hi, Alicia. 艾丽西娅 你妈妈真可爱 What a lovely mother you have, Alicia. 谢谢 Thank you. 她刚刚跟我们讲了你三年级游泳课的事 She was just telling us about swimming class in third grade. 妈妈 你来得挺早的啊 You got here early, Mom. 对 我想看看你工作的地方 Yes. I thought I'd see where you work. 欧文还让你在这闲聊 And Owen let you talk. 我也来得迟了 I got here late as well. -法庭上发挥不错 -维罗妮卡 - Nice work in court, by the way. - Veronica. 是他吗 Is that him? 对 那就是马尔科姆的儿子 Yes. That's Malcolm's son. 还真没少花钱请律师 Didn't skimp on the lawyer. 你别说话 我来跟他们谈 好吗 Let me do all the talking, okay? -管好你的委托人 -我的委托人? - Rein in your client! - My client? 他说 我不爱马尔科姆 He says that I didn't love Malcolm. 我跟他一起生活了五年 I spent five years with Malcolm. 你出轨了 还要跟他离婚 You cheated on him, you were divorcing him! 你就是这么跟你父亲说的 Is that what you told your father? 说她出轨了吗 That she was a cheater? -是的 -还说她要离婚 - Yes. - And divorcing him? -对 -之后 - Yes. - And after that, 他就写了一封遗嘱 把遗产全部留给了你吗 he wrote up an amendment leaving everything to you? -布莱恩 等等 -你说得都对 - Wait a minute, Brian... - You're damn right! 他很生气 马上就写下了那封遗嘱 He was so angry, he wrote it right then! 很好 先生 我们要起诉你 Good. Then, sir, we are suing you 故意侵犯继承期待权 for intentional interference with expected inheritance. 少来了 Oh, come on. 为了让你父亲改变遗嘱 你向他撒了谎 You told your father a lie to get him to change his will. 不是撒谎 她确实出轨了 It wasn't a lie! She was cheating on him! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/The-Good-Wife-04-09-15.html