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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第07集 第06期

这就是你的说法吗 Ah. That's what it's called? 我要带我的委托人回家了 Well, I'm taking my client home, okay? 我要你把DNA样本作废了 And I want you to discard that DNA. 祝你愉快 Have a good day. 不行 Actually, no. 你的委托人因为酒驾被捕 Your client is under arrest for driving under the influence, 考虑到他之前的被捕记录 and given his previous arrests, 我们有权采集他的DNA we were with our rights to collect his DNA. 你这样就是等着吃官司 You're opening yourself up to a suit. 我每天一睁眼就要面对各种官司 I breathe in the morning, I'm opening myself up to a suit. 好吧 他们逮捕你了 Okay, they've arrested you, 但他们显然有别的事情要追究 but clearly, they're after something else. 他们逮捕我了 为什么 They arrested me? Why? 我不知道 但 I don't know, but... 我要你对这个呼一口气 I need you to breathe into this. 法官阁下 在伊利诺伊州 Your Honor, the blood alcohol limit 血液中酒精量超过0.08%算做酒驾 for inebriation in Illinois is 0.08%. 根据这支便携体内酒精测定器显示 According to this pocket Breathalyzer, 我的委托人当时的血液酒精浓度 my client's blood alcohol concentration 是0.00001 was 0.00001. 这听起来含量很低啊 地检官女士 That's a whole lot of zeroes, Mrs. ASA. 在我看来你似乎误拦了这孩子 Sounds to me like you pulled over the wrong kid. 抱歉 法官阁下 My apologies, Your Honor. 本州检察院正要撤销这项指控 The State is prepared to dismiss the charge. 这是我们的错 我们向格兰特先生道歉 It was our mistake. We apologize to Mr. Grant. 如果你们要取消逮捕 If the State is dropping the arrest, 我们要求销毁所采集的DNA样本 we ask that the DNA swab collected from my client be destroyed, too. 我们愿意 法官阁下 We'd love to, Your Honor, 但是我们以谋杀指控再次逮捕格兰特先生 but we're rearresting Mr. Grant on a murder charge. 什么 What? 我们以谋杀达妮·利特约翰的指控 We're arresting Mr. Grant 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180113/The-Good-Wife-05-07-6.html