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特殊的日子 The Special Day2017-12-06
Today was my fathers birthday, which was such a big day for me, so I wanted to give him a surprise. My father always gave me what I wanted, because he was busy and tried to do something for me.
淘气的侄女 My Naughty Niece2017-12-03
My sister got married two years ago and now her daughter is one year old. Last week, my sister was busy and she asked me to take care of her child for half a day.
美丽的海滩 The Beautiful Beach2017-12-02
Winter was really cold in my home, so my parents took me abroad and we went to a warm place, where there was a beautiful beach.
倒霉的一天 The Unlucky Day2017-12-01
Today, early in the morning, when I woke up, I found it was later for half an hour than I usually did. Then I remembered that I didnt set up the morning call last night.
当我有了目标 When I Have Target2017-12-01
As a student, my main target is to study well and then make progress step by step. When holiday comes, it is time for me to play, and I should be happy, while playing all the time makes me feel empty in my heart.
越穷越没时间 The Poorer, The Less Time2017-12-01
Most people believe that the rich people are very busy and have no time to play, while the poor people are in the contrary. Actually, the poorer, the less time, because the rich people spend money to buy time and the poor people spend time to struggle for their lives.
如何克服困难 How to Get Over Difficulty2017-11-30
Since I went to middle school, I had told myself that I was not a little kid anymore. I needed to grow up. So the first thing is not to ask my parents for help at the first time.
圣诞礼物 Christmas Gift2017-11-30
As the Christmas Day is coming, our class decided to send some gifts to our teachers, because we wanted to show our gratitude to them.
春节的意义 The Meaning of Spring Festival2017-11-29
Every year, when the Spring Festival comes, which is the biggest festival in China, Chinese people from all over the world will come back to their hometown and spend the day together.
不要让懒惰成为借口 Don't Let Laziness Be the Excuse2017-11-29
Most students will have such experience, when they go home, they will throw the homework away and say to themselves that they will do it latter, but the result is always that they never finish their homework until the last minute.
春节的意义 The Meaning of Spring Festival2017-11-29
Every year, when the Spring Festival comes, which is the biggest festival in China, Chinese people from all over the world will come back to their hometown and spend the day together.
我选择的路 The Road I Chose2017-11-28
Since I watched the movie and was attracted by the girl who was dancing like an angel, I wanted to be her. I told my mother that I wanted to take the dance class.
好的情谊 The Good Friendship2017-11-27
Once I had a very good friend, but since we had different opinions on the problem, we never talked to each other again and we lost our friendship.
我的理想职业 My Ideal Career2017-11-25
Teacher is a great job in most students eyes. When they are asked what they want to be in the future, most will say they want to be a teacher and make a contribution to the society.
和孩子交流 Communicate With the Kid2017-11-25
In the last century, the government carried out the policy of family planning to control the increasing population. So most families have only one child, but recently, a new policy has been announced and people can have the second child.
父母的期待 Parents' Expectation2017-11-23
In China, most parents keep reminding their children of the great expectation. It is natural for every parent wants their kids to stand out.
女孩要自信 Girls Should Have Faith2017-11-23
Generally, girls are always the weak people, and some girls lose faith when they are very small, because people tell them that boys are smarter than them.
考试的价值 The Value of Exams2017-11-22
Exam is necessary for every students. Chinese parents take special attention to exams and some teachers measure students mainly by exams, while in western countries, exams are necessary but not the only thing for students.
圣诞老人的到来 The Coming of Santa Claus2017-11-22
When I was very small, I always looked forward to the coming of Christmas Day, because it meant that I would have presents early in the morning.
一位好老师 A Good Teacher2017-11-19
Miss Li is my English teacher. The first day I met her, I liked her, because she looked so young and nice. Miss Li liked to write some inspiring words in our homework.
文明观看动物 Watching Animals Politely2017-11-19
As the new year is coming, many families plan to go the zoo and have fun together. But recently, a tragedy happened in the zoo, a man was bitten by a tiger.
亚洲人智商高 Asian People Have Better IQ2017-11-18
For western people, they commonly believe that Asian people are smart. In the screen, Asian people are always described as the people with higher IQ.
微信红包 Wechat Red packet2017-11-18
Wechat is very popular nowadays, even the foreigners are crazy about this communicative tool. The functions of Wechat are various, such as talking to friends and paying the bill.
最美的小镇 The Most Beautiful Town2017-10-01
Today, my friends and I decided to take a visit to an old town which was near our city. We had heard of it for a long time, but we never had the chance to go there.
父爱 Father's Love2017-09-30
People always like to ask their kids the question like who do you think is better between father and mother. It is the very difficult question to answer, because they love their parents both and cant tell which one is less important.
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