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我不喜欢动物园 I Don't Like the Zoo2017-12-18
Many years ago, I liked to go to the zoo very much, because I could see all kinds of animals.
花卉市场 The Flower Market2017-12-15
Every time when the New Year is coming, my mother will go to the flower market to buy some fresh and beautiful flower to decorate our house.
妈妈的爱 Mother's Love2017-12-14
It is easy to have conflicts between children and families, because they live together for a long time and feelings are always ignored by each other.
鼓励的话语 The Inspiring Words2017-12-13
Lily is an excellent student, and she is always praised by other people. Every parents want to know how her mother educates her.
我的父母很严格 My Parents Are Strict2017-12-12
My parents are very strict to me. When I was very small, they have realized that they couldnt spoil me, so when I ask them to buy me all kinds of toys, they first tell me that I have similar one.
最英俊的男人 The Most Handsome Man2017-12-11
Since I come to the world, my father sets the good example for me. He teaches me how to be polite and nice to others.
一个坚强的女孩 A Strong Girl2017-12-10
Last week, when I went to the market with my mother, I found a girl was helping her mother to sell fruit. After a while, she took out her books and then sat down to read.
良好的阅读习惯 The Good Reading Habit2017-12-09
I like reading novel books very much, and now I have read a lot of books. Thanks to my parents, they lead me the road to fall in love with these amazing books.
一本好书 A Good Book2017-12-08
I have read many books. Good books can give me good advice and make me learn a lot.
你相信魔法吗 Do You Believe In Magic2017-12-07
When I was very small, my parents liked to read me the stories before I went to bed.
孩子的认知 A Child's Recognition2017-12-05
People must be wondering about how a little child can know the parents feelings. In fact, though they are small, even cant walk, they are indeed smart.
我喜欢的书 The Book I Like2017-12-04
I like to read novel books. When I start to go to primary school, my parents have bought me a lot of novel books, because they want me to fall in love with reading.
我喜欢的书 The Book I Like2017-12-03
I like to read novel books. When I start to go to primary school, my parents have bought me a lot of novel books, because they want me to fall in love with reading.
笼子里的猫 A Cat in the Cage2017-12-01
Last night, when I walked in the street, I found a cat in the cage.
艰难的选择 The Tough Choice2017-11-29
As the winter vacation comes, my school has activities for students, and we can choose to go to other cities to learn the historical knowledge.
我喜欢的颜色 The Color I Like2017-11-27
When it rains with sunshine, I will be very excited, because I know I can see the rainbow soon.
我得到的奖励 The Prize I Get2017-11-26
I am a lazy girl. In order to let me learn more things, my mother will give me some prizes when I finish the task.
我的新衣服 My New Dress2017-11-25
My mother will buy me new clothes in the New Year, which means the new beginning of the year.
暴风雨就要来临了 The Storm is Coming2017-11-24
The sky outside is very dark and the wind blows the trees. The trees have to blend their back. There is no sun in the sky. It is two oclock in the afternoon, but it look like the time of seven oclock at dusk.
我想要看动画片 I Want To See Cartoon2017-11-23
I like watching cartoon, but my parents always do not let me watch it. When I watch it, they will ask me to take the bathe, have dinner, do homework and so on.
最好的礼物 Best Gift2017-11-22
On Lilys birthday, a lot of friends come to her house and give her surprise. She is really happy about it. They sing songs and play a lot of games.
洗衣日 The Washing Day2017-11-21
Today is Saturday and my mother ask me to wash my stuff, because the summer is coming and I need to wash the winter stuff then put them away.
我发高烧了 I Have A High Fever2017-11-20
Now is summer, but I get a high fever. I don not know why. When I wake up in the morning, I feel tired and there is a headache in my heart.
龙舟比赛 Dragon Boat Race2017-11-19
Yesterday was Dragon Boat Festival, and there was dragon boat race in the park. At first, my mother wanted to take me there. But she had no time suddenly.
什么是最好的朋友What Is the Best Friend2017-11-18
People have to make a lot of friends during their lifetime, but the best friends are not many. As for me, my best friend is Lucy, a girl I meet when I go to primary school. She helps me a lot.
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